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NASA IRB Reliance Acknowledgements

Please refer to HRP-100-SOP: Establishing Reliance Acknowledgements for more information on the requirements and processes for establishing a reliance on NASA IRB as the IRB of Record or to request that NASA IRB cede IRB review to an External IRB.

Note: external research that is NASA-funded but does not occur in a NASA facility nor include NASA subjects/personnel may not require NASA IRB oversight. For questions, please contact the NASA IRB Office => > Contact Information

Reliance Acknowledgement Form - NASA IRB of Record Reliance Acknowledgement Form - NASA IRB Ceding Review HRP - 100 - SOP - Establishing Reliance Acknowledgements HRP - 101 - SOP - NASA IRB Serving as the IRB of Record HRP - 102 - SOP - NASA IRB Reliance on an External IRB