Institutional Review Board

Conducting Research  |  Studies Involving Animals

A.Guidelines for Use of Experimental Animals in Training or Flight

All animal holding facilities and/or breeding colonies adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, National Academy Press, 1996 and the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, Int. For Guidelines for the Use of Experimental Animals, refer to the following documents:

NASA Animal Requirements NPD 8910.1B - Care and Use of Animals JSC 29259 - Animal Care and Use Handbook

B.Rationale for Animal Training for Flight

Animal research plays an essential role for understanding the impacts of space flight on physiological systems and for development of potential therapies that will mitigate detrimental responses to space flight.

The rational for reviewing the animal protocol is from the point of view of risks or injuries to the crewmembers as part of the handling of the rodents or activities as an operator handler with the animals. This same rationale is followed by the NASA-IRB who is primarily looking at the medical aspects of human crewmember risk and injury. A specific Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is responsible for the review of the animal protocol from an ethical aspect.