Institutional Review Board

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A scientist who works closely with the principal investigator on flight experiments that have been selected for a specific mission or on ground-based studies that support flight experiments.

Crew Surgeon:

A flight surgeon assigned to a particular mission. The crew surgeon is responsible for maintaining the overall health of the astronauts assigned to a given mission.

Medical Monitor:

A physician appointed by the JSC IRB to monitor experiments to ensure compliance with IRB requirements. The qualifications and certifications required of the medical monitor(s) are determined by the JSC IRB.

Mission Scientist:

The NASA science supervisor responsible for the overall scientific conduct of a mission.

Mission Manager:

The NASA manager responsible for allocating and negotiating mission resources, designing and developing mission-unique integration hardware, developing and operating mission training facilities, and ensuring payload element safety compliance and integration of payload elements in the orbiter.

Principal Investigator:

A scientist whose proposed flight experiment has been selected for a specific mission or ground-based study.

Project Scientist:

The NASA field center scientist/manager responsible for the detailed development and integration of flight experiments, for representing the interests of selected investigators, and for interfacing their experiments with the various mission organizations.

Protocol Compliance Officer:

A medical monitor whose primary function is to verify that all experiments are conducted in accordance with JSC IRB requirements and ethical principles. The PCO is a representative of the JSC IRB and a voting member of the JSC IRB.


The individual who provides clerical support to the JSC IRB by ensuring the collection of accurate records and the publication of JSC IRB activities, including agendas, proceedings, and action items. The Secretary/Recorder supports the JSC IRB and serves as a point of contact for investigators submitting protocols to the JSC IRB for review, and for annual renewal of protocol approval.