Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board


The compliance date for the
Revised Common Rule (2018 requirements) is
January 21, 2019

Next IRB Meeting is on Thursday, Jun 20, 2019. Submission Deadline: Jun 3, 2019
Next HRMRB Meeting is on Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019. Submission Deadline: Jun 24, 2019

Summary of major changes in the Revised (Final) Common Rule that impact NASA research:

Definitions – “Human Subject” has been clarified to replace “data” in the definition with “information or biospecimens”. The definition of “research” now identifies four activities that are not research.

Exemptions – There are new categories and clarification of existing categories. Some exemptions may undergo a "limited IRB review" (similar to an expedited review process).

Continuing Review – The IRB may now determine that a continuing review is no longer required for certain types of research activities. However, the IRB can choose to require continuing review.

Informed Consent – The NASA JSC consent form template has been revised to include a prompt for “key information” and revisions to the information provided to subjects to be compliant with the new requirements. The new form has been posted on the Forms page.

Link to OHRP videos on the Revised Common Rule

In order to help the research community understand the revised Common Rule, the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) has produced educational videos.

OHRP Revised Common Rule Q&As

A list of common questions about the revised Common Rule with answers from OHRP.

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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

NASA's IRB is responsible for review, approval, and monitoring of research protocols involving astronauts and other human subjects. The IRB assures that research is conducted in an ethical and safe manner.

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